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About Organic Allure

If there is one thing that most people are looking for on websites like ours, it is something that works well to protect and pamper their skin and body, and doesn’t dupe them about its exceptional qualities. Since we also did this, and found very limited reliable results, we thought we should create something that’s worthwhile. And, this is how Organic Allure was born.

How Organic Allure was Born

Organic Allure was born in the minds of Jeet Bannerjee and Rafi Chowdhury during a friendly conversation. They realized that the e-commerce arena totally lacked a health and wellness brand that does more than just sell outsourced cosmetics and skin treatments. Thus, in 2016, was born a brand that aims to add to the consumers’ experience like no other in California, where it is based, and elsewhere in the United Stated. While our brand may not be old enough, it does, at the same time, extend the promise of an adequate mix of innovation and experience, for both these men have worked in the beauty industry before. So, to escalate the access of healthy and organic beauty products, and to educate people on how to be healthier and still look gorgeous, this brand does strive and always will.

The Way We Work

One thing that we believe in is solid research. And so, even if it is not an entire range of products that we offer, you should stay reassured that a great amount of time and research have gone into developing and testing our products. That is how we work. If we say we offer “organic”, we offer the safest and the most effective organic beauty products that we won’t think twice before using ourselves.

We find it important for us to educate people about the dangers of using beauty products which have harsh chemicals. So, we do try to make the users aware of the benefits of using clean products made from substances found in nature, and still achieve amazing beauty that is healthy and long lasting

What Exactly Do We Offer?

We believe in starting with basics first. This is why we offer 100% natural and healthy products that keep your skin clean and nourish it from deep within. We have, for you, a range of exquisite, natural-to-the-core Face Scrubs and Mud Masks. These not only prove to be a viable alternative to harmful and harsh cosmetic skin treatments but also fetch you results that are a class apart. 

What Make Us Worthy?

Our worth lies in our authenticity. Protocol means the world to us. Our organic products are manufactured following strict safety and quality measures. Our definition of “organic” is not a convenient one. This is why we bring to you the safest, the mildest, yet the most effective products that make a difference.

One thing that differentiates us from the others is that we use only organic raw material that comes directly from the lap of the nature. We provide you with beauty solutions which are harmless to your skin and body. We also make sure that we always educate you on each of our products before we recommend you buy any of them.

We, at Organic Allure, make nature come alive for you in our products, so that you can celebrate the joy of being You.